036 Mauritania blue mirage

Mauritania blue mirage

Ref : 036
Print Conceptual Photography: Blue Mirage Series Photographic art is here defined not by the aesthetic properties of images, but by the concept or idea of ​​art. Reflection on the language of works, philosophy replaces the aesthetics of works. Conceptual photographic art is an intellectual process that shows less than it evokes. The first requirement of photography is to analyze what makes art art. The dunes and the azure compose here the pictorial universe of this nomadic artist. With magical blues and gilded furrows, paintings between abstraction, purity, and mysticism that give off a perfume of infinity. In these photographs, there are highlights of blue color, highlighting forms or accentuating reliefs subject to the problematic of water supply. Pictures of a rare purity taken by the artist in the four corners of the reworked world deserts to seat his personality for a tribute to these sand landscapes. Print on fine art paper limited to 10 copies for each numbered and signed format with certificate of authenticity.
Size :
Format 1 30 cm x 45 cm
Prix format1 350€
Format 2 60 cm x 90 cm
Prix format2 800€
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