The little tree collects the beauty of lines

The little tree

Description Augmented plastic photography
Ref : 106
Print Collection the beauty of lines France Haute Loire Transfigured augmented photography Work limited to 10 copies format: 60 cm x 108 cm fine-art silver print numbered and signed with certificate. Dibon support plexi protection format 118 cm x 70 cm extension frame on the back for viewing the work detached 5 cm from its support. Trans Figuring photography, or augmented photography A non-consumerist, non-stereotypical, non-documentary, non-obvious photography, outside of photographic conventions. Be in tune with the expectations of a demanding audience that is in search of new aesthetic emotions and open to what we could call the metamorphoses of the world. Thanks to the inventive renewal of the techniques used, I transfigure, I increase the aesthetics of the photographic world, in order to offer singular atmospheres that renew the look we have on reality.
Size :108 cm x 60 cm
Info supp Plexiglas protection: Format: 118 cm x 70 cm