Fine art matches collection

The matches

Description Augmented, transfigured photography
Ref : 110
Print Allumettes collection: Transfigured augmented plastic photography: Conceptual work in limited editions of 10 copies format: 90 cm x 60 cm fine-art metallic silver print numbered and signed with certificate. Dibon support plexi protection format 100 cm x 70 cm extension frame on the back. Like the Catalan painter Miro, a major surrealist artist who wanted to assassinate traditional painting, my plastic photographs murder traditional photography. When I strike a match, I set my heart on fire for art, it's like a second love, a burning love. My heart beats for a few moments of happiness, the flame creates a creative work, which I sometimes transfigure because I do not seek to account for a truth but to satisfy the privacy of my gaze. Light the fire, light the fire, make my artistic sensibility grow, I assert a pictorial aesthetic, I build, deconstruct, in order to offer unique atmospheres that renew the look we have on reality. The flame sculpts totems. It is chance that reveals to me shapes that I stop with my creative breath when my visual emotion is at its peak. Sometimes my matches become characters when the work is placed under the sign of experimentation. The Match Shows a New Personality The real appeal of my matches is getting people to admit that he really is a character. My artistic world is not that of immortality, but that of metamorphosis. The work of art is an idea that is exaggerated, my photographic works, my matches are riddled with uncertainties as to their status; they appear on a complex scene where my personal path vaguely crosses the reference of the photographic medium, it is the exploration, the questioning, and the poetry which prevail over the observation.
Size :90 cm x 60 cm
Info supp Protection plexiglas : Format 100 cm x 70 cm